​Gain Easy Access to Advanced ​​Dental Hygienists Services in Leicester

Gain Easy Access to
Advanced ​​​Dental Hygienists Services in Leicester


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​Dental Hygienist Leicester

Do you require Dental Hygienist Service in Leicester? ​Complete the form on this page to schedule an appointment with one of our dental hygienists in Leicester.  ​We can ​see you at short notice.

We offer the very latest and ​complex Hygienist ​treatments. ​We mainly do the routine maintenance treatments for our regular patients​.​

​Our Dental Hygienist Leicester treats ​the following:

  • ​Bad Breath
  • ​Loose teeth
  • ​Bleeding Gums
  • ​Bad Breath
  • ​Loose teeth
  • ​Pocket Reduction

​​​With a range of ​dental hygiene treatments to suit ​every requirement, you’re sure to find the perfect solution to your ​hygiene needs.

​Our highly qualified in-house ​Leicester dental hygienists are experts when it comes to giving you the perfect ​clean teeth.​

​Dental Hygienes

Dental Hygienist Leicester
Leicester dental hygienist

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​​​Why Use Dental Hygienist Leicester?

​Our ​dental hygienists are all extremely experienced and we offer the full range of treatments for

​Fresh Breath & ​Teeth Therapy

​Our dental Hygienists are specialists in treating bad breath and fixing loose teeth. 

​Sensitive Teeth & Cleaning Therapy

​Do you have sensitive teeth. Our latest technology means that we can clean your teeth without any sensitivity

​Stain Removal and Jet Wash Treatments

​This is one of the core expertise of our dental hygienist - the removal of teeth stains using jet wash treatments

​Dental Hygienists Only Visits By Patients

​Our dental hygienist is available 7 days a week to see patients. So we welcome hygienist only visit for routine checkups

​Laser Gum Treatments & ​Implants Cleaning

​Our Dental Hygienist ​therapy room is fully equipped with the very latest ​equipment for laser gum treatment

​Pocket Reduction Therapies

​Do you sufer from pocket reduction? We offer bespoke therapies to treat pocket reduction

​​Dental Hygienist Leicester Referrals

​Many of our new dental hygiene patients are referred to us by our existing patients. We feel very privileged ​to have such recommendations. New patients are most welcome from all across Leicestershire and beyond.

Dental ​Hygienist Leicester

Why Choose Our Leicester Dental Hygienist?

​High Quality Treatment

​We offer ​high ​quality ​​​and affordable dental ​​hygiene ​treatments

​Qualified Hygienists

​Our Dental Hygienists are qualified to give Local Anesthetics and assist with sedation.

​Affordable Treatment

​We offer an affordable alternative to Specialist Treatment

​Dental ​Hygienist Leicester ​Awards

What Our Patients ​Say

​After chipping my front tooth, I needed an emergency dentist to sort it out as I had an event the same night. These guys were able to give me an appointment immediately, without some extortionate call-out charge. The practice itself is beautiful. They sorted out my tooth quickly, without any injections!! Highly recommended.

Alice ​Smith Squire

​Great dental practice. Extremely satisfied with my treatment and overall results. Allen and Sonya were extremely helpful and made my experience stress free (unlike what I had previously experienced elsewhere) I would highly recommend this dental practice and no longer put off going.

Chloe Brandon

​What a fantastic dental practice. Love the professional dentists, nurses and reception staff. I totally loved them. Music in the surgery to help us nervous patients relax. Well done to you.

​Luke Norris

​Thank you so much for a great experience. Dr Allen and Rhyann were very help full and informative. Would definitely recommend these two!

Amin Karroum

​Our Team

Dr. John McKintire

​Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Mary Newville

​General Dentist

Dr. Andreea Kessler

​Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Nancy Dewmore


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