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​Gain ​Access to the Best ​Orthodontics Leicester


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​Orthodontics in Leicester

​​Are you looking for ​high​ quality ​​Orthodontics ​​practice in Leicester? ​We offer a full range of orthodontic treatment for both adults and children.

​We have the very latest low dosage Xray Imaging as well as Digital Image Capture software.

The value of a healthy beautiful smile is priceless.

We can completely change your appearance or simply shift the centre Line so that your smile is symmetric. Patients who make an investment in their future smile never regret it.

We understand that patients expect a great personalised service, ​but they also expect it when they need it. They don’t want to wait and they don’t want to take time off work or time out of school. Our practice is fully equipped to deal with different patient situations.

​Orthodontics Leicester

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​Orthodontics Leicester Services?

​Our ​​Orthodontists are all extremely experienced and we offer the full range of treatments. A variety of different methods can be used to straighten your teeth and we will help you find the right treatment to suit your mouth, lifestyle and budget.

​Free Consultation​

​We can arrange a FREE initial consultation to assess your needs and look at all the suitable options for you.


​We offer continuous maintain​ance of the ​result in the ​long ​term so you can retain your smile forever.

​Clear ​& Normal

We offer both clear and ​normal ​standard Orthodontic ​braces. ​Patients are free to make their own choice

​Lingual Orthodontic

​Lingual orthodontics uses a hidden brace system that is fixed on the inner side of the teeth, where it ​is not seen.

​​Removable Appliances

​We offer a variety of different methods ​for treatment including invisalign ​clear removable ​appliances

​Bonded Fixed

​We offer bonded ​fixed and ​clear ​removable ​retainers. Retainers are available at short notice

​Inman Aligner

 Achieve straight teeth in as little as six to eight weeks with this revolutionary orthodontic treatment. The Inman Aligner straightens crooked or misaligned front teeth in a convenient and fast way.

​Damon Braces

​The Damon Clear Braces system combines the advantages of clear braces and invisible aligners to straighten the teeth discreetly and within a short treatment time ​with spectacular results.

​Lingual ​Braces

​Lingual braces are fixed on the teeth and can be used to correct even the most extreme cases of crooked or misaligned teeth. The treatment is suitable for adolescents, adults and children.

​​Orthodontics Leicester Referrals

​Many of our ​​Orthodontics ​patients are referred to us by our existing patients. We feel very privileged that we receive such recommendations. New patients are most welcome from all across Leicestershire and beyond.

Orthodontics in leicester
​Why Choose Our ​Orthodontist in leicester
​High Quality Treatment

​We offer High Quality and Affordable Orthodontic Treatment

​Easy Payment Options

​We offer easy options for payment including Interest Free Credit

​Available 7 Days a Week

​We are the only dental practice opened 7 days a week

​Orthodontics Leicester ​Awards

What Our Patients ​Say

​After chipping my front tooth, I needed an emergency dentist to sort it out as I had an event the same night. These guys were able to give me an appointment immediately, without some extortionate call-out charge. The practice itself is beautiful. They sorted out my tooth quickly, without any injections!! Highly recommended.

Alice ​Smith Squire

​Great dental practice. Extremely satisfied with my treatment and overall results. Allen and Sonya were extremely helpful and made my experience stress free (unlike what I had previously experienced elsewhere) I would highly recommend this dental practice and no longer put off going.

Chloe Brandon

​What a fantastic dental practice. Love the professional dentists, nurses and reception staff. I totally loved them. Music in the surgery to help us nervous patients relax. Well done to you.

​Luke Norris

​Thank you so much for a great experience. Dr Allen and Rhyann were very help full and informative. Would definitely recommend these two!

Amin Karroum

​Our Team

Dr. John McKintire

​Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Mary Newville

​General Dentist

Dr. Andreea Kessler

​Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Nancy Dewmore


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