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​Gain ​Easy Access to the Best ​Teeth Whitening Leicester Dentist


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​​Teeth Whitening Leicester Dentist

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Research has shown that one of the first things people notice when they meet someone new is their smile.

Teeth Whitening has become an accessible and relatively easy way to instantly improve appearance, create a positive first impression and achieve a more youthful and radiant appearance.​

Teeth can become discoloured over a period of time. Discolouration can be caused by several factors including ageing, smoking, consumption of staining foods and beverages, staining caused by medication and hereditary factors.

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​​Benefit Of Teeth ​Whitening?

​Everyone would love to have a white and natural looking smile but we all live in a world filled with teeth staining factors such as coffee, soda, tea and that occasional glass of red wine. 

White teeth can make a huge difference to your your self-confidence and appearance. It quite literally brightens up your smile. By choosing the leading cosmetic dentist in ​Leicester for your treatment, you can achieve long-term results through professional teeth whitening. Below are a few benefits of using teeth whitening in Leicester.

​​The ​Easiest ​Anti-aging ​Procedure

​Whiter teeth make you look and feel younger, partly because we associate white teeth with youth and beauty, and partly because we naturally look younger when we smile, and we smile more when we like our smile.

​​Confers ​Confidence and ​​Self-​Esteem

​A smile is one of the first things people use to make their assessment of you and your personality. Professional teeth whitening removes persistent stains and brightens your smile, leaving you with more self-confidence.

​It ​Minimizes the ​Look of ​Wrinkles

​A whiter smile shifts the focus on your face with whitten teeth. Once your teeth are visible, people will naturally zero in on your smile. This will lessen the appearance of any surrounding wrinkles like frown lines.

​Oral ​Health ​Care is ​Improved

​Once a person has spent time and money to have their teeth whitened, they are more likely to take better care of their teeth in order to keep them looking good.  Regular brushing, flossing ​will ​improve overall oral health.

​Teeth Whitening is ​Easy to ​Maintain

​Teeth whitening is very easy to maintain. With the custom-made trays and whitening gel you are able to freshen your pearly whites when it suits you.  Just 30 minutes a time, and your teeth will retain their colour.

​​​​Most ​Conservative ​Way to ​Whiten ​Teeth

​No tooth preparation is required, unlike treatments such veneers or crowns.  While these treatments can give you whiter teeth, some tooth structure is necessarily lost through the etching process in preparing the tooth.

​Leicester Emergency Dentist Referrals

​Many of our ​emergency patients are referred to us by our existing patients. We feel very privileged that we receive such recommendations. New patients are most welcome from all across Leicestershire and beyond.

​Why ​​Choose Teeth ​Whitening in ​Leicester?
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​Our emergency charges are the same as for regular patients.

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What Our Patients ​Say

​After chipping my front tooth, I needed an emergency dentist to sort it out as I had an event the same night. These guys were able to give me an appointment immediately, without some extortionate call-out charge. The practice itself is beautiful. They sorted out my tooth quickly, without any injections!! Highly recommended.

Alice ​Smith Squire

​Great dental practice. Extremely satisfied with my treatment and overall results. Allen and Sonya were extremely helpful and made my experience stress free (unlike what I had previously experienced elsewhere) I would highly recommend this dental practice and no longer put off going.

Chloe Brandon

​What a fantastic dental practice. Love the professional dentists, nurses and reception staff. I totally loved them. Music in the surgery to help us nervous patients relax. Well done to you.

​Luke Norris

​Thank you so much for a great experience. Dr Allen and Rhyann were very help full and informative. Would definitely recommend these two!

Amin Karroum

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